Excursions & Safari

Breathtaking experience

There are a lot of excursions you can do during your holiday in Kenya, you can admire all the beauties of this country. - Tsavo East The safari is one of the most exciting moments of your holiday because it raises the curtains over some of the African land’s wonders. The Tsavo National Park is the largest park in Kenya and it takes its name from the river Tsavo which flows through it. Usually the east part of the park is preferred to the west part since it is more flat and, for this reason, it is easier to see different kinds of animals, of which this part of the park is rich in. - Hell’s Kitchen One hour from Malindi, you can admire the rocks of Marafa’s canyon. This place , whose nickname has legendary origins, is very suggestive during the sunset, since the rocks seem to burst into flames. - Blue Safari It is suitable for the sea lovers and for those who want to enjoy a relaxing day in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You can do snorkeling and discover the variegated beauty of the coral reef. The excursions goes on toward an area called Sardegna 2, where you stop on an atoll in the middle of the sea, which created itself from the lowering of the tides. Here, you can walk in the hot and clear water, and admire the clownfish , while waiting for your meal to be ready: fresh fish grilled on the beach and coconut rice. - Robinson Island It is a very particular place starting from the very singular creak, deriving from a lot of pieces of dry mangrove wood, which comes with you to the makuti roof restaurant furnished in African style! Here you will find a very kind staff that will offer you little oysters, clams with coconut au gratin, crabs, coconut rice, prawns, grilled fish, salad, fruit and the typical African tea! After lunch you have to relax on the beautiful king size bed full of pillows and carpets! Then you can reach the beach and have a walk. - Watamu Love Island Situated in Watamu, it takes its name from its characteristic heart shaped form that, with the landscape deriving from the lowering of the tide, creates a really romantic setting. Your day will be full of sun, sea, relax, grilled fish meals and typical African meals. You can also enjoy going to the city of Watamu and visiting the little, good quality Italian ice – cream parlour. - The Golden Beach To reach this huge tract of bronze sand is necessary to have a jeep … with the low tide the sun creates a golden gloss that will shine in front of your eyes. The crabs run about and the tiny clams look for a shelter under the small amount of water. Tapping your hands’ palms on the sand you will find little golden particle on them! - Malindi Tour The touristic tour through the streets of Malindi is characteristic and very interesting. You can visit the wood fabric , the Porta portese market or that of the fruit, you can go shopping in the various shops of the city centre. If you decide to make this touristic tour, your eyes will see a great number of people, tuc tuc and matato(local means of transport), more bicycle than cars.